Upcoming Dates 2020 - 2021

"Cocktail für die Musen" - New Series Curated by Gwendolyn Masin

Barbara Dennerlein (Hammond & pipe organ), Pius Baschnagel (percussion), Antonio García (pipe organ)
Casino Bern | Berne, CH
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The Exhale

Lived Experience Hosts
The Exhale
A Holistic Approach to Inspiring your Well-being as a Musician.
International Master Course with Matthew Jones (viola), Louise Hopkins (cello), Ruth Philipps (cello), Tim Kliphuis (improvisation/violin), Tomasz Domanski (piano/chamber music), Clare Nicholls (yoga/yoga therapy), Franziska Huber (dispokinesis).
Aarberghus | Ligerz, CH

GAIA Music Festival – Oberhofen, CH

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"Cocktail für die Musen" - New Series Curated by Gwendolyn Masin

Jütz |
Isa Kurz: vocals, accordion, dulcimer, violin; Philipp Moll: double bass, vocals; Daniel Woodtli: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals


Miklós Lukács, cimbalom


Yurodny |
Oleg Ponomarev: violin; Adrian Hart: violin; Cora Venus Lunny: violin, viola;
Kate Ellis: cello; Nick Roth: saxophones; Colm O’Hara: trombone; Dave Redmond: double bass; Phil Macmullan: drums
Casino Bern | Berne, CH
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National Concert Hall International Master Course

The second edition of international masterclasses, chamber music concerts and participation founded and artistically directed by Gwendolyn Masin and Finghin Collins (piano). Faculty includes Gilles Apap (violin), Kim Kashkashian (viola), and Gary Hoffman (cello).
National Concert Hall | Dublin, IRL
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05 August 2020 | 19:00

Opening Concert. John Field Room. Performances with Finghin Collins, Gilles Apap, Kim Kashkashian and Gary Hoffman

08 August 2020 | 12:00

Students Concert. Kevin Barry Room.

08 August 2020 | 17:00

Closing Concert with faculty and students. John Field Room.

The Secret Garden Party IV

Invitation only.
Junkerngasse | Berne, CH

Recital with Caspar Vos

Gartensaal der Villa Boveri
Baden | CH

Special Guest for Oli Kehrli's New Album Release

Bierhübeli | Berne, CH


Premiere and CD release of Don Li's Flexuose Sphere, commissioned by and dedicated to Gwendolyn Masin. With Lionel Gafner (eb) and Julian Sartorius (dm).

Baby, I got the blues

Recital with Caspar Vos (pn).
Bovenzaal, Theater Vrijthof Maastricht | Maastricht, NL

Past Dates 2020

"Cocktail für die Musen" - New Series Curated by Gwendolyn Masin

Yilian Cañizares (vocals/violin), Childo Thomas (e. bass), Inor Sotolongo (percussion), Caspar Vos (piano).
Programme includes original compositions as well as works by Bartók, Debussy, de Falla, Fauré, Gershwin, Poulenc, and Ravel.
Casino Bern | Berne, CH
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Szokolay Violin Concerto and Bartók with Concerto Budapest

Gwendolyn plays this rare gem by Sándor Szokolay with the Concerto Budapest, as well as Béla Bartók Rhapsody No. 1 Sz. 87.
Vigadó Concert Hall | Budapest, HU