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Gwendolyn_by_Maximilian_Lederer Gwendolyn Masin

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Why Now?

13 March 2020: I remember standing on a street corner in a neighbourhood of Zurich with Lukas Bärfuss. The day had started off bright and sunny, and we had spent it working out details of a new collaboration. When it was time for me to return home, he accompanied me to the tram stop to make sure I caught the correct connection. We then noticed a never-ending stream of people walking, all in the same down-hill direction, all heading home to begin lockdown.

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Gwendolyn en Vera Gwendolyn Masin

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Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata, second movement

The first sounds after the most recent lockdown. What a ride it has been. This piano has not been tuned since March 2020. I'm falling in love with music all over again. My playing feels at the same time a little raw, and also very true to what I feel we can and should offer music, and what we should offer our audiences, and ourselves. Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata, second movement, played with Vera Kooper in a music space in Biel, Switzerland on 13 March, exactly one year after my family and I went into lockdown.

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