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BBC Music Magazine Reviews FLAME

"Captivatingly phrased, strongly characterised and atmospherically recorded, Masin’s inspired programme appears to emerge languorously from a heat-haze." Read the full review in this month's issue.

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Gwendolyn on Spotify

“Après un rêve", from Gwendolyn's album, FLAME, was chosen as a Spotify Pick on their New Releases playlist! 265,000 followers are now listening…

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FLAME Released Worldwide

Today is the day. Flame has been released into the world! It is now available on CD via Orchid Classics, as well as digitally on most platforms.

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Ana Chumachenco Gwendolyn Masin

Ana Chumachenco in Ireland

As part of the concert series curated by Gwendolyn and Finghin Collins at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, Professor Ana Chumachenco will play and teach in Ireland for the first time on the 7th and 8th of February 2018.

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Flame Pre-Order

FLAME, Gwendolyn's newest album will be released on 17 November 2017. It will be available on CD via Orchid Classics, as well as digitally on most platforms.

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Crowdfunding für Plattentaufe FLAME

Damit die Plattentaufe FLAME ein voller Erfolg wird brauchen wir Ihre Unterstützung.

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4. November 2017, 20 Uhr, Plattentaufe in Mehuhin Forum, Bern

Einladung zur Plattentaufe FLAME im Yehudi Menuhin Forum, Bern, mit Simon Bucher am Klavier, Heidi Maria Glössner, Moderation und Alicia Lopez, Tanz.

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Gwendolyn Masin & Finghin Collins Series

(Text: National Concert Hall, Dublin) Internationally-acclaimed violinist, Gwendolyn Masin, and celebrated Irish pianist, Finghin Collins, invite leading Irish and international musicians to join them for a six concert series starting on 26 September 2017 and running until 19 April 2018 at the National Concert Hall, Dublin's Kevin Barry Recital Room. Participating artists include Ana Chumachenco (violin), Håvard Gimse (piano), Katherine Hunka (violin), Thomas Kaufmann (cello), Blythe Teh Engstroem (viola), István Várdai (cello), and Roderick Williams (baritone).

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JEUDREDI mit Gwendolyn Masin & Simon Baumann

(Text: GenerationenHaus Bern) In der zweiten Folge unserer neuen Jeudredi Serie mit dem Titel‚ «Melodien & Geschichten Spezial», präsentieren wir mit grossem Stolz einen ganz speziellen Gast: Die in Bern lebende Konzertviolinistin Gwendolyn Masin. Im Format‚ «Melodien & Geschichten Spezial» wird Gwendolyn Masin sowohl Musik wie auch Sprache zum Besten geben.

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Gwendolyn Masin Terug in Nederland met Drie Concerten in 2017

Gwendolyn Masin, geroemd om haar technische superieure, verfijnde, intensieve en contrastrijke expressie, komt terug naar Nederland! De Nederlandse topmusicus toerde de laatste decennia over de hele wereld. Ze soleerde bij de grote orkesten, heeft een eigen festival en bestiert een professor-zetel aan het Conservatorium van Geneve. Eind januari zet Gwendolyn Masin opnieuw voet op Nederlandse bodem en geeft drie concerten in exclusieve concertzalen.

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News Origin Deluxe Gwendolyn Masin


ORIGIN is re-released in a deluxe, digital edition and is available at Naxos, and digitally on most platforms.

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Gwendolyn Masin Origin Vinyl Limited Edition For Social Media Gwendolyn Masin

ORIGIN Released on Vinyl

ORIGIN continues to meet the world in new ways. I was thrilled to release a limited-edition vinyl version of the record in December.

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Gwendolyn Masin Claude Eichenberger Graziella Contratto Sandra Kuenzi National Theater Bern 17 Oct 2016 Gwendolyn Masin

Live Radio Performance and Round Table Discussion

Gwendolyn joined mezzo soprano, Claude Eichenberger, and conductor and pianist, Graziella Contratto, in an event for Switzerland's SFR Radio. Held in Berne's National Theatre and met by an audience of 300, the musicians performed Strauss' Four Songs and discussed the impact of classical music on Berne and Bernese culture. The event was hosted by journalist Peter Brandenberger.

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Gwendolyn's South Korean Concerts

A memento from Gwendolyn's tour in the Republic of Korea. This programme is from an evening concert that was held on 7 October 2016 in Daejeon's Arts Centre. It saw Gwendolyn lead the principals of Daejeon's Philharmonic Orchestra in Beethoven's Septet and Mendelssohn's Octet.

Tedx Bern_Gwendolyn_Masin Gwendolyn Masin

Snapshot from Tedx

Gwendolyn spoke and played at TedxBern. The talk thematized her perspectives and approach on body alignment and performing. She played two works from her album ORIGIN with her ensemble to a sold-out house.

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