Sold-out CD Release Concert in Bern's Bierhübeli

Thanks to a wonderful audience at the sold-out performance.

Bierhübeli_ZuekunftsNostalgie Gwendolyn Masin
Photo: Christine Lerch

Bern's renowned Bierhübeli welcomed Gwendolyn and Oli Kehrli for the launch of their collaborative album, "ZuekunftsNostalgie". The Bernese Chansonnier, foremost musician of his genre in Switzerland, and the violinist co-composed and co-produced his third recording.

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Bierhübeli_Musicians Gwendolyn Masin
L-R: Tevfik Kuyas, Jane Breuss, Muriel Furchner, Tonino Guiliano, Eva Grossenbacher, Maximilian Grossenbacher, Gwendolyn Masin, Oli Kehrli, Raphael Heggendorn, Christoph Fluri. Photo: Sandra Mosimann