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Dear Reader

For over a decade, I have been absent from the world of recording. This has gone hand in hand with an unconditional search for my voice, for my spirit. The events that have shaped this last decade and the experience I garnered allowed me to develop a sense of profound gratitude – gratitude for the role of music in my life and for the life I lead as a musician and artist.

I believe that the music I perform goes beyond its genre. It is not just classical music, but autonomous music. More than an expression of my personality, it is an expression of my spirit. Thank you for years of support and encouragement. I look forward to sharing my passion for music and performance with you in the years to come.




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Gwendolyn plays Ysaÿe – Breathing New Life into the Legacy of a Great Master

The drama of violinist and composer Eugène Ysaÿe’s work is mirrored in Gwendolyn Masin’s intense and considered performance. She not only interprets the Ballade but is in dialogue with its very essence – the telling of a story, the crafting of a narrative. 

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New Website

After many design experiments and technical tweaking, the new website has been born into the world. Discover, listen, read, and view the collection at

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Honored with "Gwendolyn IS Music"

"Gwendolyn IS music" – words used by The Independent to describe the violinists performance during recent UK concerts. More voices have joined in song with articles and reviews about Gwendolyn over the years. 

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