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News 01/20 –
The Exhale - A Mastercourse That Invests in Well-Being

Dear Reader

During a lesson I taught to a very talented but anxious young soloist, I suggested she exhale before she begin the next note, and let her breath and phrasing flow on the release of accumulated external pressure. Inhaling, she placed her bow on the string. With the following exhale, she stroked the bow and let go of a free tone production so beautiful that she smiled through tears.

Exhale - it is the word, nay, the world, that set off my drive to create a haven of contemplation, where we meet to support one another and find the space we need to become the musicians we know we can be.

Please watch the short film.

THE EXHALE: 13-19 April 2020, Lake of Biel, Switzerland

Exhale For Gwen Gwendolyn Masin

Master course the exhale fosters musical freedom, inspiration as well as musicality as a whole – based on a harmonic balance of concentration and performance along with physical and mental well-being.

Apart from private lessons and chamber music, the mastercourse includes workshops covering topics such as yoga, breath awareness, meditation, improvisation, Dispokinesis, and conscious eating. The Exhale has been created for professional musicians; string students with a wish to have a professional career; players in search of professional development; and advanced amateurs.

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Artists and Topics

Exhale Gwendolyn Teaser Gwendolyn Masin


Artists at The Exhale: Gwendolyn Masin (violin), Matthew Jones (viola), Ruth Phillips (cello), Tim Kliphuis (improvisation), Clare Nichols (yoga/yoga therapy), Tomasz Domanski (piano/chamber music coaching), Franziska Huber (Dispokinesis), Artisst (Cooking Artistry)

Early bird applications here.

The View at Ligerz, Lake of Biel

Csm Ligerz Bielersee Wein Reben Swiss Image Jan Geerk Htr 9872785438 Gwendolyn Masin

For students and interested parents of students of Young European Strings School of Music, we would like to make an exception by extending the early bird discount to 22 February 2020. Parents of students will benefit immensely from the course, as workshops and yoga are calculated step by step to enrich the knowledge of the general music-loving public and to be inclusive. Moreover, the lake of Biel is one of Switzerland's most breath-takingly beautiful locations with a vast amount of leisure activities to indulge in, from sailing, hiking and excursions into nature, to swimming, cycling and wine-tasting at any of the myriad vineyards along the shores of the lake.