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News 03/20 –
The Exhale Online 27 April - 10 May 2020

Dear Reader

It's a privilege to announce that we have managed, in a tight turnaround, to bring The Exhale Online.


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An Online Retreat

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It appears there was no time as apt as now for the inaugural edition of The Exhale as now.

The Exhale is an online retreat consisting of a series of holistic music masterclasses and courses that gathers musicians, practitioners, and artists from across the globe to inspire your understanding and love of music, movement, wellbeing, as well as your appreciation of food.

Created for professional and amateur musicians alike, The Exhale offers a safe space to pause, explore and refresh. A place to begin an inner journey to understanding, without outward expectation. A place to exhale.

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Retaining the human touch despite the digital framework

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Originally designed as a week-long retreat at Lake Biel, in Switzerland during the Easter holidays this year, due to the current pandemic, The Exhale is now an online platform for courses with master artists.

At The Exhale online, we are not trying to replace the human experience, but rather, through online teaching, reach out to you in order to connect via meaningful and rewarding learning that has impact.

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The world falls silent. What will you sound like when music returns?

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After a time during which we were flooded with music everywhere we went, the world is silent, our stages empty. This brings us to a moment of self-reflection. What is the function of music to you? How do you think it should sound? What would you like to listen to, and how? And when you play, would you like to do so with a sense of ease?

With an expanded faculty (currently numbering over twenty artists) and a repurposed curriculum, we will explore these questions and their possible answers with you. The Exhale will provide much-needed support, advice and inspiration for musicians who may be without access to their regular teacher or who wish to gain insight and encouragement from a broader range of tutors and practitioners.

I have invited people I utterly revere to offer their time and insight. For example, my colleagues Pavlo Beznosiuk, Matthew Jones, Ruth Philipps and Dale Culliford who embody the ability of playing virtuosically whilst retaining their zen-like aura of calm; my yoga teacher Clare Nicholls (if you ever wanted to understand what the fuss is all about concerning yoga, please visit her classes, they are life-changing); breath coach Oli Christen who can teach you how to use your breath to regain control of your nervous system; and those who bring energy through nutrition, cooks Artisst, Laura Leaver and Tara-Lee Byrne who will demonstrate how to easily and speedily create delicious food that restores and energises.

In acknowledgement that all our lives are currently different than usual, as we juggle the challenges of working from home, please watch this short video. You can enroll in any class, at any time, and take as many as you like. Please note - classes are already sold out, so please book to ensure your access to our gatherings.

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Donations Welcome

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This is a time for sharing and growing together. Participant fees are by donation, and The Exhale will be giving a portion of its participant donations to selected charities.

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