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Hello friends! It's wonderful to be here with you. I believe that, if you're going to do something, do it 100%. When it comes to arts, to culture, and in particular, to classical music, I believe in total immersion. It is through music and art that we understand the world around us, our society, each other and ourselves. I want to show you as much of it as I can. This blog is for anyone who wants to peer into my insatiable hunger to create, to make music, to build and produce programmes, to dive into collaborations, and to find the meaning and poetry in between the notes.

Madrid concert in segovia la grancha july2013d Gwendolyn Masin

You can help me nourish an expansive and determined ecosystem that is home to a self-regulating organism of creatives. Your support gives me the liberty to make what I want, how I want to make it and to not bend to what is ‘commercially viable’. Your help here enables me to push the envelope of how classical music is presented. It will also support the livelihoods of hundreds of my collaborators: musicians, filmmakers, sound engineers, tonmeisters, graphic designers, painters, illustrators, photographers, and copyeditors.

This blog gives me a chance to be myself, without needing to care too much about whether someone feels like they are getting lost in my work. That, after all, is the point, is it not?
Most artists follow a clear trajectory with a polished and finite image, sound, and message. This has always eluded me. According to industry insiders, my work lacks clear orientation and this has had a detrimental impact on how it’s received. My work has been called "too wide-reaching" and "impossible to market" by managers and strategists in my past.

I want to show you what lies between the notes, between the performances, between the concerts.
My work and imaginings are designed to inspire, engage, inform, and make connections with music, with me, and ultimately, with you. The one thing that has accompanied me in my life in music thus far has always been the tools of my trade: my violin, bows, and a trusty music stand — privy to my long hours of practice, rehearsals, concerts, travels, writings, brainstorms, productions, lessons given and lessons received, curated programmes and late-night searches for the meaning and poetry in between the notes.

I hope you'll enjoy our journey together!