Gwendolyn And The Dead Dudes Miklos Vali W On B Gwendolyn Masin

Reading for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

A tongue-in-cheek synopsis of Gwendolyn's PhD, created during production of her doctoral thesis.

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Rec News Ysaye Gwendolyn Masin

Gwendolyn plays Ysaÿe

Gwendolyn plays Ysaÿe, the new audio-visual production. Available at Naxos and digitally on most platforms.

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Gwendolyn Masin By Gabor Kotschy 2735 Cut Gwendolyn Masin

Gwendolyn plays Bartók

The Hungarian hero's 1st Violin Concerto takes on new depth in the hands of the violinist, herself of Hungarian descent. This performance was televised at Budapest's Palace of Arts (Müpa), accompanied by the MÁV Symphony Orchestra conducted by Teddy Abrams.

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Gwendolyn Bartok Savaria Houlihan Szombathely Gwendolyn Masin

Gwendolyn and the Savaria Symphony Orchestra

Gwendolyn with the Savaria Symphony Orchestra as part of multiple engagements throughout Hungary performing Bartók's 1st Violin Concerto.