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The Space Between the Notes - I

Connecting with you now, since I last sat down and enacted the ritual of writing brings the fullness of how much I’ve missed you. Looking back on the three letters I sent out last year, I skirted around the problems the pandemic created and made no mention of how I felt.

Separated from family and friends, no mention of how much I have bemoaned not performing, not rehearsing with my musical partners, and not being able to communicate in the flesh with other creatives. I have not yet expressed this sense of urgency I feel to continue growing, how much there is to be learned from this global crisis, how I think that humans stand a chance to value life now more than ever. I have counted 63 of my concerts as they have been postponed — once, twice, three times — and in some cases, vanished into thin air as musicians and promoters around the world are struggling to stay afloat. But, I cling to the bars of hope, wondering whether I’m looking out at the world, or whether it’s looking in at me, and I deeply wish to reconnect and spend time with you.

I am reaching out to involve you in my artistic process, to share and communicate, to ask your feedback, to hear your voice, to share the joy and necessity of kindness and creativity with you. With this, The Space Between the Notes, I would like to offer you insight into my life this past year —what I’ve been thinking, doing and creating. I want to take you along with me on my journey from here on out. I never want us to be as far from one another again as we have been.


Exhale Gwendolyn Teaser Gwendolyn Masin

The Exhale is probably one of the most fulfilling acts of giving and learning that I, and more than 80 artists from around the globe, could be invested in. Granted, most of my waking hours are given over to keeping it rolling. (In the words of my husband, behind the scenes it can be a bit of “Exhell”). But we can see, in real numbers, that over 2,000 individuals have been able to create a community hub around music and learning this past year because of it. Particularly poignant during a time when in so many countries, secondary and tertiary-level institutes of education had to close. The premise of The Exhale is to offer a holistic approach to inspire the well-being of musicians and performers.

The momentum of our times has fabricated many other aspects that have been woven into The Exhale – days worth of classes have taken place where musicians have volunteered their time and offered the income of a class to other faculty members who find themselves suddenly unemployed during a time when live performance, particularly for freelance musicians, has come to a sudden, grinding halt. Moreover, we recognize that countless people are currently suffering financial hardship but nevertheless, deserve a chance to further their education. To that end, since we have begun our work, The Exhale has offered classes for free to anyone who wishes to register, welcoming people at all levels of ability to join in.


Gwendolyn_for_The_Exhale Gwendolyn Masin

After a year of giving, we ask you to help keep us going. A vast amount of people have donated hours of their expertise, goodwill and time to make The Exhale the one-stop shop for holism and music that it has become. Please view our campaign and take a moment to listen to my request by clicking here. We have set up rewards for all those who wish to donate. Be a part of the future of musicians and music lovers everywhere and encourage music and learning for yourself and others!

If you want to actively take part, but first want to experience what we do, please come along! To celebrate, our one-year-online-iversary, I have invited some of our faculty members for an epic two-hour bonanza scales class on 27 April 2021. This class is free for everyone to attend and promises to be the most fun you’ve had with scales in a while, highlighting everything from jazz and Indian classical scales, to playing a scale on one string and incorporating Alexander Technique and Body Mapping techniques. Dip in and out of the session if you wish – each faculty member will spend 15 minutes divulging secrets, tricks and tips for your daily practice.

I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for listening.
Until soon!