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The Space Between the Notes - XX

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The essence of beauty is unity in diversity.” – Felix Mendelssohn

Today, I had intended to present my view on parenthood in the classical music sector, but as I began to jot down my ideas, I realised I couldn’t do so without mentioning the war being waged by Putin on the Ukraine.
I do not have the adequate means to describe the pain, disbelief, shock and horror that I feel because one man, with an archaic artillery of lies and weapons, is holding a country, indeed, a world, hostage.

While I write this introduction to you, I Googled the amount of ongoing wars happening in the world today. According to Wikipedia and The World Population Review there are currently three dozen countries involved in conflict. The vast majority of leaders of those countries are men. That fact alone is jarring testament to the suppression of women worldwide, which results in a lack of female leadership.

I’ve often wondered why men wage war. Far beyond upbringing, environment, psychological disorders, and power hungriness, I believe that there is an underlying, constant truth that is inescapable. Men can’t give birth. It is what primarily sets them apart from women. Might this be the crux of some men’s inability to find completeness within themselves? Is this what leads them to compensate, blaming others in order to justify their unreasonable behaviour?

Today is International Women’s Day. Let us celebrate our humanity, let us practice compassion and always search for the capacity to love one another—regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic or ethnic differences.


Music and Parenthood

Gwendolyn Masin by J Fejer 9593 Gwendolyn Masin Photo: János Fejér

For International Women’s Day, I’ve been presented the opportunity to voice my thoughts on gender to newspaper “Der Bund” and “The Strad” magazine.

Please find my article for “The Strad” here, and my interview with “Der Bund” here.

Blog: Music and Parenthood

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To read the full article on Music and Parenthood, please visit my blog here.

Music for the Family

Cocktail4 CB Flyer Gwendolyn Masin

There is no place as wild, diverse and exciting as the imagination of a child—except perhaps nature itself—and from this, Camille Saint-Saëns drew the inspiration for his ferine Carnival.

On 19 March, things will get loud and colourful in Casino Berne’s big hall. Saint-Saëns' "Carnival of the Animals"—one of classical music’s most famous works, especially loved by children—will be performed in a unique way.

Lions will prowl, elephants will rumble, birds will chirp, and a streak of tigers and other cats will turn Berne’s classical music stage into a jungle. It will be an experience for the whole family! Do you love to dress up in costume? Then come along wearing your lion's mane, swan neck or flamingo feathers—it's high time we celebrated carnival!

Purchase tickets here.

Music AND Family: GAIA Music Festival’s 2022 Theme

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The box office for this year’s GAIA Music Festival is now open! Our concerts take place between 4-8 May 2022.
Read more.
Purchase tickets.

Elevating the Next Generation – NCH IMC 2022 – Applications now open 2-7 August

22 02 03 IMC 1200x628 Gwendolyn Masin

The National Concert Hall of Ireland has announced the return of its in-person International Master Course from 2-7 August 2022. This intensive summer school offers Irish and international musicians the opportunity to partake in a series of masterclasses and seminars by world-renowned musicians.

Finghin Collins and I co-artistically direct and are delighted to welcome Mihaela Martin (violin), Lars Anders Tomter (viola) and Frans Helmerson (cello) to this summer’s one-on-one master classes, chamber-music coaching and performance opportunities.

Apply here.

Support the Arts and Help Us Build Community

2022 02 18 GBC Matchbox 16 2 Gwendolyn Masin Left to right: Gwendolyn Masin, Jiska Lambrecht, Susan Thieme, Tommaso Verlinghieri, Martin Moriarty, Darryl Bachmann

Our next Gwendolyn’s Bridge Club gathering is on 7 April 2022 and promises to be as cosy and exciting as the previous one.

Click here to save your seat at the table.
Click here to walk through our photo gallery from the event in March. Photos by Luis Gautschi.


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