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The Space Between the Notes - XXXIII

Zum deutschen Text

“…kerek erdő közepében két rozmaring bokor van,
egyik hajlik vállamra, másik a babáméra
így hát kedves kisangyalom tiéd leszek valaha “

Translation: In the middle of a round forest there are two rosemary bushes,
One bends over my shoulder, the other over my love's
So, my dear little angel, I'll be yours someday. Hungarian folk song

Some of my earliest musical memories revolve around the music I heard in Hungary.
From an early age, my family spent great parts of the year in Budapest where my maternal grandmother resided. Gregarious by nature, she would take me to her club afternoons and dinner get-togethers across the city.

Music and dancing filled these occasions and csardas rhythms and popular songs became part of the musical tapestry I wove for myself. Watching Romani musicians play I was spellbound by their virtuosity, their expression was transformative and informed my understanding of how to play some of the classical bravura repertoire of the twentieth century.

Along with those early experiences came a curiosity about all kinds of music, and my interest in the impact of language on music, and the idioms that have sprung from art movements, historical events and other influences.

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My excitement at our upcoming concert in Casino Bern on Saturday 21 January 2023 is not least because it will inevitably result in the kind of evening of music that I love. Melting Hungarian folk and popular music with Balkan music, alongside contemporary interpretations of alpine folk, Irish traditional, classical, and jazz music, all glued together by improvisations, it really is not a night to be missed. Because of the sheer size of the production, this concert will be one of a kind. 13 musicians, coming together, a coven… I promise you magic.

Purchase your tickets here (standing or seated options).
Pre-concert backstage gathering
with music, talk, food and drinks, hosted by Shirley Grimes.

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Replacing my beloved mix tapes with a playlist, take a listen here to what I put together to get into the mood:

  1. Hungarian Folksong: A Csitari Hegyek Alatt
  2. Oi va Voi: A Csitari Hegyek Alatt
  3. Věra Bílá: Cirikloro Mirikloro
  4. Roby Lakatos: Main Theme [Le Grand Blonde ave une chaussure noire]
  5. Alexis Cardenas: El Cascabel
  6. Gwendolyn Masin: Hora Staccato
  7. Rusanda Panfili: Hora Martisorului folclor
  8. Yurodny feat. Gwendolyn Masin: Crow's Hora
  9. Söndörgö: Tonci
  10. Söndörgö: Hulusination
  11. Ghymes: Ne Nézz Hátra
  12. Kíla: Cardinal Knowledge
  13. Shirley Grimes: Be Patient
  14. Kíla: Seo mo Leaba
  15. Lisa Hannigan: Undertow
  16. Bea Palya: Szól a kakas már
  17. Miklós Lukács: Zöld az erdő
  18. Yurodny: Oddset
  19. Yurodny: Oleg Ponomarev's Red Horo

Involved Miklos Gwendolyn Masin Miklós Lukács

Further playlists

1. Hungarian Folk Music of Moldavian Csángó People
2. Carpathian Music
3. Máramarosi Dances