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The Space Between the Notes – XXXIX

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April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” ― William Shakespeare, Sonnet XCVIII

One month is the same as any other, right? I thought so until GAIA began. After 15 months of May since 2009, I still experience the month of April as an overture to May. A very excited, nearly nervous, anticipatory overture. As unpredictable as the weather in April, so the sense that something amazing is around the corner, but that the road might be bumpy in places. All the energy and commitment to music, artists and our audience that I carry with me during the year comes to a head as I tightrope-walk my way through the last-minute measures that befall any music event – from looking for scores for a musician who has mislaid it, to explaining to the lighting technician why the light in that corner throws a shadow on the music (not good, in case you were wondering). Being part of just about everything at GAIA is a choice. Over the years I’ve gone from doing everything, to doing as little as possible; from doing only “artistic” things, to being involved again as I am now. If you want to drive things forward, be the engine…

I am very excited that in just some weeks, GAIA will be brought to you again by a bright roster of artists and a dedicated, wonderful team who I feel privileged to work alongside throughout the year.

My sincere thanks to Colette Kappes-Boutillon, Skye Lörwald, the committee and GAIA’s volunteers.

GAIA Concerts – The Favourites

Garth Knox Beside of love and Drunkenness Gwendolyn Masin Garth Knox, Composer in Residence @GAIA

Parents should not have favourites. However, in response to “which concert should I go to at GAIA?” there are three I particularly look forward to.

“Of Love and other Drunkenness” on 3 May in the Town Church of Thun, an evening of fun, festivities and one glass too many.

“Adorned with Foreign Plumes” on 6 May in Bern’s Yehudi Menuhin Forum, a mosaic of folk influences from gospel and Klezmer, from America to Ireland, and Switzerland to Hungary.

“The Godfather” on 7 May in Hilterfingen Church, our closing concert with some of the most moving, iconic melodies of the romantic period.

Gwendolyn’s Bridge Club – Late-Winter Fest and Cancel Culture Debate

IMG 0816 Gwendolyn Masin Táin - Irish Folk Band performing at Gwendolyn's Bridge Club

Here are some images from our two most recent gatherings for Gwendolyn’s Bridge Club.

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GAIA Music Festival 2023 - Mix Tape

Listen to this month’s mix-tape for pieces that will be performed at GAIA 2023 or serve as inspiration for this year’s programme.

Dialogo, György Ligeti | From GAIA Music Festival 2011, performed by Gavriel Lipkind

Overture on Hebrew Themes, Op. 34, Sergey Prokofiev | From GAIA Music Festival 2009, performed by Yevgeny Yehudin, Daniel Garlitsky, Sandrine Cantoreggi, Mikhail Zemtsov, Timora Rosler, Julia Bartha

Moresh-Khorye No. 1 (Jewish Blues)| Yale Strom · Hot Pstromi
Shalosh T'nuos | Raza

Cooley's Reel / Drowsy Maggie | Shamrock

Passacaille |Garth Knox and Ensemble Kimya

Sometimes it Snows in April | Prince

Tipsy | Erika Stucky

I Got Plenty O'Nuttin' (from Porgy and Bess) | Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

Café 1930 (from Histoire du Tango) by Astor Piazzolla | Gidon Kremer and Per Arne Glorvigen

Milonga Loca, Astor Piazzolla, arr. Andrei Pushkarev | From GAIA Music Festival 2013 performed by Andrei Pushkarev and Anna Lipkind

String Quartet, Anton Arensky | From GAIA Music Festival 2009 performed by Daniel Garlitsky, Mikhail Zemtsov, Timora Rosler and Gavriel Lipkind

In One Spot, Romanian Folk Dances, Béla Bartók | Gwendolyn Masin and the ORIGIN Ensemble

Dance from Buchum, Romanian Folk Dances, Béla Bartók | Gwendolyn Masin and the ORIGIN Ensemble

Legend | Peter Tchaikovsky

Piano Trio "Dumky" opus 90, second movement, Antonín Dvořák | Beaux Arts Trio (Menahem Pressler, piano; Daniel Hope, violin; Antonio Meneses, cello)