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Cocktail für die Musen

Gwendolyn has been given the privilege of carte blanche, the opportunity to invite and collaborate with musicians she admires to present ‘mixes’ of music in a new context.

Each concert is unique, shaken or stirred, designed exclusively for the great hall in the Casino. Individual programmes take months to design, with compositions especially written for each formation. Musicians on all sides of the spectrum are in a position to have their music heard with fresh textures, instrumentation and unusual combinations of people playing together.

Season's 19, 20 and 21's line-up:

Cocktail I
Andreas Schaerer (vocals), Kalle Kalima (e. guitar), Wolfgang Zwiauer (e.bass), Daniel Meller, Manon Leutwyler, Anna-Sofia Bonino (violins), Cecilia Bercovich (viola), Patrick Moriarty (cello), Matteo Burci (bass).

Cocktail II
Yilian Cañizares (vocals/violin), Childo Thomas (e. bass), Inor Sotolongo (percussion), Caspar Vos (piano).

Cocktail III
"Die Kreutzersonate"
A musical Drama with texts by Lukas Barfüss
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
Direction: Manon Pfrunder
Violin: Gwendolyn Masin
Piano: Vera Kooper

Cocktail IV
"West Side Story"
Programme with works by Leonard Bernstein and Daniel Schnyder
Violin: Gwendolyn Masin
Saxophone: Daniel Schnyder, Melisma Saxophone Quartet
Trombone: Justin Clarke

Cocktail V
"Carnival of the Animals"

Cocktail VI
"Global Beats"
Jütz |
Isa Kurz: vocals, accordion, dulcimer, violin; Philipp Moll: double bass, vocals; Daniel Woodtli: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Miklós Lukács, cimbalom
Yurodny |
Oleg Ponomarev: violin; Adrian Hart: violin; Cora Venus Lunny: violin, viola; Kate Ellis: cello; Nick Roth: saxophones; Colm O’Hara: trombone; Dave Redmond: double bass; Phil Macmullan: drums

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