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Gwendolyn's Playground (2012)

A TV and web-series that takes viewers to a myriad of cities around the globe to explore how music inspires and influences Gwendolyn, as well as other artists and their audiences. The show brings classical music from one living room to another. Its frame-work allows space for spontaneity, interaction, exchange and dramatically-charged performances.

Gwendolyn has carried the idea of her Playground with her for years, convinced that melting borders between artist and audience can be done in a casual manner whilst honoring the integrity of the music and musicians, as well as the concept itself. The show's intention is based on Gwendolyn's decade-long experience being at the centre of highly successful projects that make music and the people behind it transparent to the public at large. This approach has been heralded as “music brought to the people, not the people to music.

While classical music performances usually take place in a concert hall with a large audience, the tone of Gwendolyn's Playground is more intimate. The episodes and performances are set in different locations and living spaces around Budapest and Europe such as the interior of a home or a romkocsma (ruined cafe). The show mixes high art with underground expression. The first episode is set in Budapest which is home to women on whose shoulders Gwendolyn stands—her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother (all musicians). Gwendolyn returns “home” to explore her own history and observe the influence that the city and its people have on music and vice versa.

Viewers are taken behind-the-scenes by Gwendolyn for an inside look at what happens when famous musicians gather to perform. The relaxed atmosphere, devoid of a live audience, creates an experience that is unparalleled, while showing the history of music in Central Europe. Gwendolyn's Playground brings together the past and present of classical and local folk music.

1. Gwendolyn performs at the Hungarian State Opera House
2. Rehearsals of Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra led by János Rolla
3. Bálint Zsoldos and Gwendolyn playing at Bartók Béla Memorial House
4. Exploring Buda Castle
5. Gwendolyn and cimbalom player, Miklós Lukács

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