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News 03/19 –
Gwendolyn in Casino Berne on 26 October 2019

I am very excited to write to you about my new four-concert series called, "Cocktail für die Musen" at Casino Berne—the city's premiere venue for classical music. The series’ objective is to demystify aspects of classical music and to show just how close other styles in music, such as jazz, folk, blues, or tango, are to classical music.

Carte Blanche

Gwendolyn Masin by Tom Haeussler59a Gwendolyn Masin

I have been given the privilege of carte blanche, the opportunity to invite and collaborate with musicians I have greatly admired from afar for years to present ‘mixes’ of music in a new context.

Here are some moments of preparation for the first concert in the series caught on film:
Gwendolyn, Andreas and Wolf for Casino Bern

Support the series by being part of the inaugural concert on 26 October 2019. Purchase tickets here.

Shaken or Stirred

Gwendolyn Masin Yurodny Gaia Haeussler 67 Gwendolyn Masin

Each concert is unique, shaken or stirred, designed exclusively for the great hall in the Casino. Individual programmes have taken months to design, with compositions especially written for each formation. Musicians on all sides of the spectrum are in a position to have their music heard with fresh textures, instrumentation and unusual combinations of people playing together.


Gwendolyn Masin Yurodny Gwendolyn Masin

The drive behind each concert is immense: the musicians I am inviting are all not just deeply gifted, but also renowned for their immediate charisma and the energy and communicative skill with which they bring music to their audiences.

No More Divides

Gwendolyn Masin Nick Roth Gwendolyn Masin

Cocktail für die Musen aspires to offer classical-music-fans a place to discover newness and curious music-lovers an adventure for all the senses.

Unique Collaborations with International Stars

Gwendolyn Masin Andreas Schaerrer Casino Bern Gwendolyn Masin

First to take centre stage with me is ECHO prize winner, singer Andreas Schaerer.

Schaerer is a sought-after musician and composer, working in diverse genres from jazz and freestyle music through to hip-hop and soundtracks. His concerts and tours take him across Europe, Russia, Asia, North America, Canada, and South Africa. He is known for his group Hildegard Lernt Fliegen, and for collaborations with Bobby McFerrin or the Lucerne Festival Academy.


Andreas Schaerer Wolfgang  Zwiauer Gwendolyn Masin

Gwendolyn, Andreas Schaerer, Wolfgang Zwiauer and Many More in Concert

26 October 2019 | 20:30

Cocktail für die Musen #1

New Series Curated by Gwendolyn Masin
Andreas Schaerer (vocals), Kalle Kalima (e. guitar), Wolfgang Zwiauer (e.bass), Daniel Meller, Manon Leutwyler, Anna-Sofia Bonino (violins), Cecilia Bercovich (viola), Patrick Moriarty (cello), Matteo Burci (bass).
Programme included original compostions by Schaerer, as well as Bach Concerti in A minor BWV 1041, D minor BWV 1043, and G minor BWV 1056R.
Casino Bern | Berne, CH
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