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New Concert Series

Cocktail für die Musen in Berne's Casino

Gwendolyn's new four-concert series "Cocktail für die Musen" aspires to offer classical music fans a place to discover newness in the ‘mix’ and curious music-lovers an adventure for all the senses. The first installment takes place on 26 October 2019 at 20:30 with ECHO prize winner Andreas Schaerer.

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Gwendolyn and Simon Bucher live from Loeb

A unique happening: Simon and I occupied the shop window of Loeb in Bern during three days of concert performances. Relive our last performance in our livestream.

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Gwendolyn's 2018/2019 Dates

Live performances, artist residency, collaborations, and masterclasses in Seoul, Zurich, Rotterdam, Como, Dublin, Berne

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Remembering the Future of Violin Performance

“Violin Teaching in the New Millennium" is a collection of stories about music, violinists and violin performance – involving intrigues and anecdotes, revealed secrets and unpublished interviews given by some of the leading lights of the classical music world

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Key Speaker at TEDxBern

“Better Performance Through Failing Better”

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