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GAIA Music Festival - Promoting a New Set of Core Values in Classical Music

The world of classical music in which I roam is bubbling with inspiring and exciting artists and ideas. Yet, despite this, and because of it, there is much to consider in the way classical music continues to be practised, as well as the way it is marketed to the public.

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The Journey - mit Lukas Bärfuss, ORIGIN Ensemble, Miklós Lukács

The Journey ist eine literarisch-musikalische Reise in den Osten. Minsk, Odessa, Istanbul und Sarajevo. Die Route folgt den Menschen, die ihre Heimat verlassen mussten. Ihre Lieder erzählen vom letzten Morgen im alten Zuhause, vom ersten Abend in einem fremden Bett. Geschichten aus alten Zeiten? Es sind die Neuigkeiten des Tages. Inspiriert von ihrer osteuropäischen Herkunft und dem tiefen Wunsch, Brücken zwischen Genres, Kulturen und Epochen zu bauen, greift Gwendolyn Masin zusammen mit ihren ungarischen Volksmusikkollegen und dem internationalen ORIGIN Ensemble tief in die musikalischen Schatzkammern der Region, um eine Klanglandschaft zu schaffen, die unsere ureigensten Emotionen weckt – die Palette reicht von Freude und Begeisterung bis hin zu Trauer und Leid, von Niederlage und Verlust bis hin zu Triumph und Widerstand.
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GAIA Music Festival 2024

GAIA Music Festival is 15 years old in 2024. This edition's theme is "Mensch", and is an exploration and reminder of the impact that kindness, humility, integrity and personal responsibility can have on our immediate as well as broader environment.

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Summer Academy

National Concert Hall of Ireland International Master Course 2024

The sixth edition founded and artistically directed by Gwendolyn Masin. With Sarah Christian and Gwendolyn Masin (violin), Hartmut Rohde (viola), Maximilian Hornung (cello), and Nicholas Rimmer. Composer in residence, Emma O'Halloran. Applications deadline: 29 April 2024. Open to violin, viola, cello and piano students over the age of 18.

National Concert Hall | Dublin, IRL

> Deadline for entry: 29 April 2024.
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Arts Club

Gwendolyn's Bridge Club

Most Recent Event: Theaterplatz 2, 3011 Bern
On 5 April 2023, Gwendolyn’s Bridge Club hosted “Cancel Culture?”, an evening with Mohomodou Houssouba, author, literary scholar and member of the International Institute for African Studies, and Inés Mateos, expert on education and diversity and a member of Institute New Switzerland (INES) in a discussion moderated by Jörg Scheller, professor of art history at the ZHdK, journalist and musician.

Next Event: The Secret Garden Party, 20 August 2023

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“Legends” is a collaborative project in partnership with GAIA Music Festival, Orchid Classics and SRF 2 Kultur. Born out of an idea to elevate Irene Wieniawski aka Poldowski - composer, pianist and daughter of Henryk Wieniawski - as well as draw a family tree of blood lines and student-teacher relationships, the album showcases works that have rarely been explored before. These include Poldowski’s Tango for Violin and Piano, Eugène Ysaÿe’s String Quintet as well as George Enescu’s Sept Chansons de Clément Marot. Performing artists include violinist Kirill Troussov, soprano Rachel Harnisch and pianist Jan Philip Schulze.

With thanks to the patrons of Gwendolyn's Bridge Club for their unwavering support.

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Gwendolyn's 2023/2024 Dates

Live performances, artist residencies, collaborations, and masterclasses.

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Concert Series

Cocktail für die Musen in Berne's Casino

Gwendolyn's annual concert series "Cocktail für die Musen" offers classical music fans a place to discover newness in the ‘mix’ and curious music-lovers an adventure for all the senses. The next concert takes place in October 2023 in Berne Casino's Great Hall with guests Lukas Bärfuss, ORIGIN Ensemble and cimbalom-player Miklós Lukács.

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Gwendolyn Masin For The Strad Article 3 DSC0849 Gwendolyn Masin

Author / Educator

For Strad Magazine

Gwendolyn's four-part series of articles for The Strad Magazine are woven around a holistic approach to learning and living as a musician. From the origin of human movement to the integration of somatic experience for the purpose of interpreting music, Gwendolyn builds a case for teaching human beings as a whole.

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The Exhale is an online platform and in-person retreat providing professional courses and holistic masterclasses to musicians, practitioners, and artists from across the globe. It is unique in its holistic approach to music education. The Exhale redesigns how music is taught and practiced by exploring a broad variety of topics and offering a range of classes that encapsulate a diversity of subjects that, to date, is not offered on one single platform anywhere else.

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Gwendolyn and Simon Bucher live from Loeb

A unique happening, facilitating new audiences: Simon and Gwendolyn occupied the shop window of Loeb in Bern during three days of concert performances. Relive their last performance in our livestream.

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Remembering the Future of Violin Performance

“Violin Teaching in the New Millennium" is a collection of stories about music, violinists and violin performance – involving intrigues and anecdotes, revealed secrets and unpublished interviews given by some of the leading lights of the classical music world.

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Ted X Bern Sept 2016 Gwendolyn Masin


Key Speaker at TEDxBern

“Better Performance Through Failing Better”

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