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Ashling Murphy (5-minute read)

When I began writing these short pieces for publication on my website, I decided that the things I’d write about would centre on music, as this is something my life has revolved around. Although I don’t pretend to be an expert on the matter, at least I can write from personal experience. And yet, the story of Ashling Murphy has haunted me for weeks now. While I know nothing about criminal law nor have any other prerequisites of a similar nature, I feel compelled to write something.

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Summer Academy

National Concert Hall of Ireland International Master Course 2022

Initiated by Gwendolyn and Finghin Collins, the National Concert Hall of Ireland hosts the fourth International Master Course in summer 2022 Irish and international participants will have the opportunity to enjoy coaching from Mihaela Martin, (violin), Lars Anders Tomter (viola), Frans Helmerson (cello), Finghin Collins (piano), and Gwendolyn Masin (violin).

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The Exhale is an online platform providing professional courses and holistic masterclasses to musicians, practitioners, and artists from across the globe. The Exhale is unique in its holistic approach to music education. The Exhale redesigns how music is taught and practiced by exploring a broad variety of topics and offering a range of classes that encapsulate a diversity of subjects not offered on one single platform anywhere else.

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Concert Series

Cocktail für die Musen in Berne's Casino

Gwendolyn's annual concert series "Cocktail für die Musen" aspires to offer classical music fans a place to discover newness in the ‘mix’ and curious music-lovers an adventure for all the senses. The next concert takes place in January 2023 in Bern Casino's Great Hall. The evening combines the music of the groups Yurodny and Jütz. The glue holding the experience together is provided by cimbalom-player Miklós Lukács and Gwendolyn.

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Release - Live Recording

West Side Story

Gwendolyn Masin with Melisma Saxophone Quartet.

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Author / Educator

Essays for The Strad Magazine

Gwendolyn's four-part series of articles for The Strad Magazine are woven around a holistic approach to learning and living as a musician. From the origin of human movement to the integration of somatic experience for the purpose of interpreting music, Gwendolyn builds a case for teaching human beings as a whole.

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Gwendolyn and Simon Bucher live from Loeb

A unique happening, facilitating new audiences: Simon and Gwendolyn occupied the shop window of Loeb in Bern during three days of concert performances. Relive their last performance in our livestream.

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Gwendolyn's 2021/2022 Dates

Live performances, artist residency, collaborations, and masterclasses.

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Remembering the Future of Violin Performance

“Violin Teaching in the New Millennium" is a collection of stories about music, violinists and violin performance – involving intrigues and anecdotes, revealed secrets and unpublished interviews given by some of the leading lights of the classical music world.

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Key Speaker at TEDxBern

“Better Performance Through Failing Better”

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