Recordings Sarasate 01 Gwendolyn Masin
Recordings Sarasate 02 Gwendolyn Masin


Gwendolyn plays Sarasate

Pablo de Sarasate's, Gypsy Airs, quotes of the popular Hungarian song, "Csak egy szép lány van a világon" (There’s Only One Lovely Maid in the World). This song was one of Gwendolyn's grandmother's favorites and is part of the reason the violinist chose to record the work for ORIGIN. The works recorded on ORIGIN are a collection of the songs that paint the rich and varied heritage, culture and music of which Gwendolyn is made. Nostalgia and the grandeur of love seeps from the strings of the musicians in this recording, bringing listeners closer to the passion of Gypsy Airs.

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